Monday, July 2, 2012

a day at the lake

i love a lot of things about michigan, but the lakes, dude.  i want to MARRY the lakes.  our neesy, parks and rec director extraordinaire, put together a truly epic day at one of our favorite lakes in a nearby little town on saturday, complete with three bounce houses, a magic show, facepainting, fireworks, and chicken.  can't forget the chicken, which shoshanna tore up like the crazy-ass little meat eater she is.


do you see that tiny figure hurtling through the air at record speeds?  that is my bad little dude.  and on the right, the closest i've ever been to fireworks.  it seemed really strange that they were just chillin' on the beach, two feet away from people lounging on their beach towels and eating chicken, but i guess the world is full of amazing mysteries.

for sho, chocolate ice cream (and how she got lucky enough to eat some) is definitely one such mystery, every time.  see also: the contents of a certain two-year old's glittery little purse, for me anyway. 

in the shallow waters of the lake, i observed a skinny little kid run up to a curvy teenage girl and say breathlessly, "ooooeee!  if you was on the mcdonald's value menu, you'd be a mcgorgeous!"  then, with slightly less confidence, he asked, "can i get a kiss?"  the girl grabbed his face with both hands and planted a smooch on his cheek.  the boy ran off through the water, punching the air and yelling, "yessss!  yes!  YES!" 

the lake, man.  it brings people together.  last summer, in the throes of a deadly heat wave/no air conditioning combination, i instituted a thirty-day-lake-challenge, during which we went to a different local lake every evening.  it was truly glorious.  it's hard to believe it's only been a year, and that shoshanna is in fact wearing the same swimsuit these days, because pretty much everything else has changed.  and even though the changes have totally been for the better, i still think we could use a little more lake in our lives these days.


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