Monday, July 9, 2012

superhero in aisle five

today during shoshi's nap, i took a break from the nonstop shop sewing i've been doing all weekend and made my girl and her teddy bear matching superhero capes.  i figure, every girl (and her bear) should have one, don't you think?  between the cape--which she insisted on wearing to target along with her pink boots--and her new tea set which has been in use basically nonstop since we got it, the cute bar has been raised pretty high around here these days.

when i peeked in to check on her during her nap, she rolled over and sighed quite dreamily in her sleep, "piizzaaah!"  i rewarded her for being such a stone-cold cutie by buying us a medium pizza from pizza king for dinner.  we watched toy story 2 and didn't wear pants, so it was pretty much the best date a girl could hope for.  

the TOTAL best part about the tea set is the brilliant flash of inspiration that came to me around naptime, when i innocently offered her chamomile "sleepytime" tea with honey.  bam!  that kid was knocked out.  i felt a little guilty...but not enough to totally do the same thing when bedtime rolled around.  she's been going through a period of taking for-freakin-ever to get to sleep lately, so this discovery just might have been my most genius moment in parenting to date.

my parents will still be out of town for most of the day tomorrow, so i've taken the day off work to hang with my crazy little naked baby-wearing tea-drinker.  

it really doesn't get much better than a three-day weekend, just me and my girl.

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