Friday, July 13, 2012

dog wedding, you know how those go

i know i said the next pictures i'd post would be taken with my fancypants camera, buuut...well, who actually cares, let's be real here.  i did end up buying a fancy camera and i want to lick it all over.  except that would violate the immortal rules set down in the instruction manual, which run through my head every single time i pick it up: "this camera is a precision instrument.  do not drop or manhandle it." so fine, camera of mine! your viewfinder...the click of your shutter...mmmm....

anyway, my parents email me phone pictures everyday of the shenanigans of our little shenanigan while i'm at work, and today they were like, oh you know, here she is dressed up as the flower girl for a dog wedding at the moment.  how cute is that?  i tell you, the two fifth-grade girls who live on our street are always up to something cool.  i told them about my time capsule-obsessed childhood when i took them the to the lake the other day, and mere hours later one of them was on my doorstep with a blueberry box filled with various secret time-capsule related artifacts, to be stored in our basement until she enters college.  my kind of girl.

presenting the happy couple.

dude, i'm psyched it's almost the weekend!  i'm about to sew my little pants off.  ...maybe whilst sewing little pants, who even knows?  sky's the limit, it's the mutha lovin' weekend!

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