Tuesday, July 17, 2012

zen's dude

a couple weeks ago, i got an email from a woman who was looking for someone to turn one of her son's drawings into a stuffed animal.  she had seen my monsters in our shop, and decided that i was her woman!  what a rad idea, and what an honor to be the one chosen!  i was pretty psyched about it, and spent a lot of time at work that day staring at the drawing of a six-year old stranger in arkansas named zen.  how cute is this kid?


he soon changed his request from a black hat to blonde hair, with a red beard, green eyebrows, and a yellow cape.  his favorite colors are blue and red, so i decided to use fabric with those colors for all six of the arms, and keep the legs black along with the rest of the body.  it was so much fun hard work to make this, made even more fun by how cool zen's mama jeanna is.  i knew this little dude was going to be appreciated!  here's what i came up with:


and then we decided that the kid should probably have a superhero cape, to go along with his little dude's.

 it took a lot of finagling to figure out how to make it work, especially sewing all the arms onto that narrow body, and a slightly panicky late-night moment when i sewed the first version of the red beard onto the black fabric face and was horrified to realize it looked exactly like that awful old racist cartoon little black sambo (haha, oh dear)...hence the more elaborate mustachio addition.  but it was good creative work, which is my favorite kind.  i really hope zen likes it when he opens his birthday present this year, and discovers the thrill of one of his artistic creations come to life.  i do believe i'd do it again...

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  1. It looks great! you are one rad, dedicated woman