Sunday, July 29, 2012

time warp

 one of the stranger parts of living with your parents while you are a parent yourself is that your kid's childhood is taking place in exactly the same place that your own did.  add to that my love of vintage (read: beat-up old thrift store) stuff, and sometimes you get these strange moments in the fabric of the space-time continuum where you could swear you're back in 1986 -- but as a parent this time around.

it's pretty weird.

when i saw those rollerskates at the thrift store this morning (which was having an all-clothing-$1-sale, "goody gosh" as sho would say and also holy jeez it was a madhouse), i felt a jolt of total happiness rooted in nostalgia.  there should be a word for that feeling, don't you think?  there probably is, in german.  i get the happy-nostalgia totally with those plastic barrels of monkeys, a certain kind of bright-colors polka dot fabric, plastic toy fried eggs, and ninja turtle figurines.  how about you?  anyway, sho strapped 'em on and was skating around like a little champ in no time, in spite of the fact that her feet are about eight sizes too small.  it was just such a strange feeling being the one watching this tiny and determined girl in pigtails skate around our dead end street, since that used to be me.  and even though the rumbly plastic skates themselves don't really do it for me like they used to, watching her get the same thrill out of them that i used to is probably even better.

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  1. HA! Those things are awesome! I wish I had some for my boys :)

    1. i know right? i actually got them to sell in the shop initially, but sho pounced on 'em as soon as i brought them home and basically hasn't taken them off since, so i guess they're hers now...but if i ever spot another pair, or if she loses interest, i'll totally pass them on to you! :)

  2. LOL! Thanks, that would be awesome! I totally forgot about those skates until I saw this post. I'll keep a look out too!