Friday, July 20, 2012


when i was in second grade, i was in the same class as a chubby little beeyotch named sara (as i thought of her at the time).  there was some altercation involving a ruler, and i vowed never to let this "sara" person cross me again. turned out she never did, even though we went on to become inseparable best friends all through middle and high school.  we would laugh so hard we couldn't breathe, sneak onto hidden trampolines in the middle of the night, and once ordered a dozen orders of hush puppies from long john silvers for our sixteenth birthday (party down!).  we worked at a movie theater selling popcorn throughout high school in order to afford a backpacking trip through europe after high school, which was hands down the best summer of my life, filled with nonstop adventures that i cannot presently delve into on this blog because it might scandalize the pants right off of your self.
i went through a ton of pictures from the ol' days while writing this, and was kinda blown away by the sheer volume of awesome, funny memories that came back to me.  i always knew i loved sara, but when she called one morning six weeks ago and told me she had cancer, it slammed into me hard just HOW much i love her.  in addition to being hilarious, she is probably the most quietly generous person i know (besides my mother).  her sense of justice is intense.  she is without question the kind of person who would donate to a total stranger, which is why i'm writing this post.  
it looks like she is likely going to be okay, though it's going to suck pretty major to get there.  in addition to radiation and chemo, sara will have to undergo hormone treatments for five years, which makes her dream of having a baby with her husband, jason, a helluva lot harder.  her insurance through jason is covering most of the costs of sara's treatment -- but not the expensive fertility treatments which will make it possible for them to have the kiddo that they have longed for immensely, and which needs to happen soon, before sara starts chemo.  dude, these guys are going to be such incredible parents.  if you might donate to their cause, i really believe that the goodness of your deed will come back to you, just like it is now in the outpouring of support for sara and jason, two people who have long supported the causes of others.  thanks for considering it.  lately i've been thinking that this whole "kindness toward each other" thing might just be the whole point of this planetary adventure we call life.
sara & shoshanna, july 2010
sara & shoshanna, july 2012

and check out sara and jason's his 'n' hers cancer blogs!  what could be more romantic, really.


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  1. You're the best Sarah! (Not the best Sarah, just the BEST, Sarah!)