Friday, July 6, 2012

my parents are out of the town for the weekend, road tripping to connecticut to visit my little brother matty, so shoshi and i have the place to ourselves for four days!  nothin' like a little mama-shoshi summertime solitude, heavenly air-conditioned to boot.  while i'm at work today, shoshi's other grandma is taking her on what sounds like the most epic best day ever, including a movie and swimming with the cousin who shoshanna looks up to so much, she often requests that we make sculptures of her face with play-doh.  that's love right there (that, or the sweet beginnings of a young stalker-in-training).  i plan on doing a bunch of sewing and screenprinting this weekend, to prepare our etsy shop for two rather thrilling giveaways going up on other blogs later this month, which i'll keep y'all apprised of.  speaking of which, how dear are these little dudes (as sho calls them)?

only fifteen bucks a pop, here in our little shop along with a bunch of other assorted cuteness.  speaking of assorted cuteness...


shoshanna's darlin' little fifteenth-percentile legs can finally reach the pedals on the tricycle her dad bought her for her first birthday!  go shorty! 

man, that kid.  the other day my friend rosie and i took her to a burrito place for dinner, and sho immediately honed in on a five-year old girl whose mother called her emily, one time.  from that point on, shoshi was in full-on stalker mode.  "emily!" she cried, walking up to their table and sitting down with her evidently long-lost family.  "EMILYYY!" she sobbed, as i pulled her away.  "nooo, EMILYYYY!"  what a nut.  then later that night when we took her to see the fireworks, she sat facing in the opposite direction from them, those breathtaking explosions in the sky, to better observe and flirt with a family sitting behind us.  that girl could sure use some brothers or sisters.  and a dad, as long as i'm placing an order.  there was a dad at the library last night who was lifting his tiny daughter up with one hand high above his head, the girl's shrieks of laughter reverberating around the lobby.  it made me so sad for my girl, who sees her papa only a few hours a month these days, for reasons that continue to baffle/make me want to punch someone.  i think i might have to find her a papa myself, which might prove difficult due to my current nun status and absolute utter lack of interest in the mens right now.  ah's just you and me for now, kid. 

and emily, wherever she is.


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