Thursday, July 19, 2012


1)  playing baseball with her "club" aka glove, aka gardening glove, which the little dear mistakes for proper baseball attire  2) digging in the sand at the lake, which she holds in her outstretched hands while intoning "MUDDDDD" like some sort of mud/sand-loving zombie  3) oh you know, just chillin' in the pool with her ernie shirt.  i bought that super-soft vintage shirt before she was born, and now here she is wearing it.  life is crazy, man.  4) her eleven-year old friend from down the street was over as per usual, and sho insisted on hauling out the "yogas" and gettin her seven tibetan rites on!  it was sort of shocking how many yoga moves she knew off the top of her head (thanks to my mom)...complete with very serious deep breathing exercises.  5) inspecting a stone bowl: "da bunnies drink soup outta dat."  6) suddenly sho is a fearless swimmer (also thanks to my mom).  and she gets so wound up with pride that she acts like a total nutjob, complete with dance moves...

if anyone is here visiting my blogblogblog today because of my article over at offbeat mama, welcome!  it's cool to have you.  when i found out yesterday (five minutes before work ended) that it had been up for a full day already, i was sort of so excited that i felt like throwing up and/or crying.  i'm a pretty smooth operator, what can i say.  

man, i was thinkin last night that lately i have been so busy working that sometimes i forget what it is i'm really working towards.  i get up at seven, receptionist blah blah receptionist until five, then come home and play with the little dumpling until her bedtime.  (and she IS a mad fun, crazy little dumpling.)  then i haul out my sewing machine and start my second job, usually until midnight or later.  even with all that, a lot of the time when i'm hangin' with mr shosher, i'm feeling somehow guilty for not sewing or working on some other way to create an income for the two of us.  i feel pulled toward the computer to check if we've had any sales in the shop, or a million other productive things i could be doing.  but...aren't i doing all that extra work to make life better for her?  so...maybe i should be fully present during the painfully short time i have with her every day?  so obvious, so easy to forget.

anyway, in semi-related news, i just got approved for this "top baby blogs" jam.  i had an idea wherein maybe someday if people started reading my blog a lot...they could call me sir-blogs-a-lot?  yeah, definitely that too, but MAYBE i could run a few ads at some point, and shoshanna and i could live forevermore in the lap of luxury.  or at least above the poverty line.  it is a nefarious sell-out plan to be sure...but if you feel like it, click on the link below, then click on the wee owl to the left.  thanks dog, i won't pester you again.

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  1. I get one vote every 24 hours, and I'll be using each and every one! So much love, friend!