Tuesday, July 10, 2012

it's rebel time


yesterday i went to take a picture with my parents' camera, which i've been lucky enough to use ever since the screen shattered on my dear point-and-shoot (a sweet gift from sho's other grandma when she was a baby), and my heart sank: "lens error" it proclaimed.  oh eff!  i felt real bad and nervous about telling my parents, but it turned out okay, they're going to keep me as a daughter after all.  plus...i've decided to finally buy myself a nice camera with a lens, a canon rebel t3, the kind i've been dreaming of since i was in high school, taking black and white photos of my feet!  i remember the totally weird lab tech guy in my photo class being like, "this...is...the...very best...camera...for...shooting...large cats.  tigers...lions...oh yes."  he was a verrrry slow talker, you see.  one time he was calling out names of people who'd signed up to use the darkroom, and someone had written "amanda huginkiss" on the clipboard.  "a...man...da...hug...n...kiss?  amanda?  a-MANNNN-duhh?"    

anyway, i use a camera every day, whether for product listings in our etsy shop, pictures on this blog, or just capturing the everyday magic of one shoshanna mary, so i think it's a worthy investment.  plus, the last time i spent this much money at once was the $400 mac mini i bought for college ten years ago, which i've been using ever since.  so even though this lovely camera is at the absolute budget end of SLR cameras, it's still going to eat up almost the entire paycheck i'm getting today...but shoot, a respectable, grown-ass woman camera!  woop woop!  not to dork out, but i feel pretty proud to be able to buy myself something like this, AND support sho and myself.  super proud!  so...the next pictures you see on this here blog will be FANCY ones, taken with my very own camera. 

who knows, maybe even some of those "big cats" photos i've heard so much about....

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