Friday, July 27, 2012

dough & dresses

i have been on a clothes-making rampage for shoshi lately!  i'm like godzilla attacking those fun youth fashions down in my sewing lair these days, i tell you what.  the dress she's wearing in the above pictures was made using this women's dress tutorial, and it really only takes a half hour to make one on your first try.  i have since made two others and see no end in sight.  i predict a sewing post in this blog's near future, perhaps with some sort of slapdash sewing tutorial accompaniment.  

what is shosh mixing so determinedly in her bowl there, you ask?  it's called fluffy cloud dough, and it's mad easy to make (i got the recipe from an ancient local elementary school's "guide to dough" our neighbors handed down to us).  mix three cups of flour with a half cup of vegetable oil, and let your kid (or you) play around in the fluffiness for awhile.  then mix a little food coloring into half a cup of water, and pour it in.  the dough turns into a mesmerizing sort of elastic playdough texture that you cannot tear your hands away from no matter how hard you try.  in fact i am typing this with "fluffly cloud dough" on my hands as we speak, and will be doing so forevermore.

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