Monday, July 16, 2012


it is pretty much impossible to have a lame weekend with shoshi mama by your side.  she is all that, and a bag of chips.  she is such a little bro, she is totally the kind of friend you could call to come save your party, take some flying trapeze lessons, and/or track down a chicken in chinatown.

i was realizing this weekend that one awesome part about being a single mother is that i have learned to let go of a lot of unnecessary bullshit.  like a lot of women, i used to be a PRO at making extra work for myself, whether it be crafting intricate handmade valentines for everyone i've ever met, or volunteering to bake several dozen cookies for a get-together with friends, in spite of the fact that i hate baking.  why do women do this?  i totally still do to some extent, but i've managed to put quite a (jaunty little) cap on it lately.  it feels great to have that impulse come on (sho will be going to a party for three second cousins' birthdays with her grandma today?  what elaborate bit of handmade nonsense can i spend her entire naptime slaving over?) and just SQUASH that beeyotch.  nothing, that's what!  it's awesome.  i recommend it.  

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  1. aw.... you are such a fun mama. I love the way you describe her!

  2. Oh my gosh what a lovely looking weekend!

    Sometimes, I really LOVE to make complicated things. But I do not want to ever do it if I feel pressure to do so. I'm glad that I have been able to keep a lot of that nonsense out of my life. Thank you for the little reminder, though. I needed it.

  3. I just recently found of said valentines, charming, but I'm glad you're not making yourself stress over keeping it up.

  4. Omg that lunch spread looks sick. did you make falafal? i die.