Sunday, July 22, 2012

our weekend getaway

neesy, sho and i were packed and on the road by friday evening, headed to a magical beach house her mom and stepdad had rented, so close to lake michigan that there was sand in the driveway.  as soon as we arrived, we walked right down to the beach, no need to wear shoes.  we were also within no-shoes walking distance of the kind of fountains you can play in, the best pizza stand in town, and a carousel, still lit up and spinning at sundown.  the beach at sunset was so calm and peaceful, it felt like a different time period entirely.  (i love it when that happens.)

as it happened, those were to be the last magical moments for me in that lovely beach town.  i came down with a flu-like sickness (i will leave it at that as a gift to you) and spent the next twenty-four hours in bed, experiencing some ruff times.  one thing that i was almost tearfully thankful for during this time was that in spite of being in a new town full of strangers, i had neesy to look after shoshi for the day.  more than ever before, my heart goes out to single mamas who live in towns without friends or family nearby.  that shit is heroic.  so instead of being abandoned to the wolves, sho ended up having an awesome day with her neesy (photos below taken by the nees herself).  and i had an awesome day in bed (relatively speaking).

thank you neesy for saving the day!  after a harrowing drive home last night, i went straight to bed with my soft soft sheets while my parents looked after shoshi, hallelujah i am a lucky duck. and, after a night spent dreaming the craziest fever dreams in recent memory, i woke up this morning feeling weak but blissfully healthy, with one of those strange-dream hangovers that tint everything you see with the hazy potential of a different plane of existence.  ah, health!  i'm so thankful for you.  and thankful for our little getaway too, in a strange sort of way.  that sure was one beautiful lake michigan sunset.


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  1. First off, that suitcase is adorable!

    and secondly, what a bummer you were sick during vacation, but how great your daughter still had someone to look after her. :)