Monday, July 23, 2012

on blogging and life

reading blogs can sometimes be so dangerous.  (you badass, you!)  it's just, never before has it been so possible to peek into other people's beautiful lives without a formal invitation.  and the lives that are presented to the public are so lovely, sometimes it's hard to turn away even though you know better.  there are a couple blogs i read sometimes that are just such eye-candy, i keep coming back even though i have this feeling that much of the content is orchestrated just for the camera, just so it can be blogged about.  and then i feel bad, for not having a lovely home (or ANY home of my own, right now) or husband or income where i can afford even a fraction of the things they have.  it's just so dumb.  because there is so much to be thankful for, and what's the point in comparing?  who knows how happy those women really are, in spite of their perfect-looking lives?  i know that any time i try to snap a picture that is in some way forced, i feel like a total dorky fakester.  that would not be a good feeling to have very often, i'm thinkin.

neesy and i were talking the other night about how you're really exactly where you need to be in your life, even if it looks totally different from what you'd planned on.  maybe some lack in your life at the moment is happening just to make room for something even better that you never could have planned for yourself, you know?  i always quote this sign i used to walk past when i lived in ann arbor: "never place a period where god has placed a comma.  god is still speaking," which even though i'm not so sure about the god part, i love love the rest.  life is such a long and rambling story, and it's not over til it's over.

as my aunt martha wisely once told me, "what people really care about is not what you've done but how you make them feel."  i just really hope that in writing this blog, i contribute more to the "feeling good" quadrant of readership than the "sad and jealous" one.  i really do.

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