Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i'm back y'all!

gosh, i win slacker blogger of the year, huh?  sorry it's been so long since i've written.  i guess sometimes you're feelin it and sometimes you're not, and that is a true beauty of having a blog that brings in zero dollars.  thanks for checking in though, it means a lot to me and i'm going to be updating more often in the days to come.

every year christmas for me becomes a lesson in letting go of the list, paring it down to its most essential, choosing experiences over things, simplifying and remembering that this moment, this, is all there is.  simple, homemade gifts, made with love: that's where it's at.  we have been starting new traditions and remembering the old.  getting ready for sho's first airplane ride in four days.  making wrapping paper (see above) and putting the finishing touches on all our gifts, sho and i both.  learning how to co-parent again, now that sho's dad is back in town after two months spent in california.  (this one is beyond frustrating at times...deep breaths.)  holding my daughter extra close, and parenting her just a little more gently, in the wake of what happened in connecticut.  feeling grateful for this time i have been given, to be alive and be shoshi's mama.  everything else pales in comparison.    

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