Sunday, July 8, 2012

man, i cannot resist taking pictures of that shoshi girl when she's sleeping.  before her nap today she insisted on matching white t-shirt jammies for her and "dat bear" as she calls it.  regarding the flowers, my friends sara and sara (yeah plus me, sarah: 80's represent!) came over tonight, and shortly before they arrived i was seized by a martha stewartly impulse to pick them each a jar of flowers from my mom's garden.  speaking of which, my mom has made a huge bouquet for my desk at work every sunday night since i've started that job.  she is the best mama, obviously.  

1) those stickers in the top picture are by my friend erin, aren't they the raddest?  i traded her a couple michigan patches for 'em.  2) it's been real nice to be able to spread out all my projects throughout the house while my parents are outta town.  i'm definitely a big-table kind of girl.  3) little shoshi monster broke a teacup at the salvation army today so i ended up buying the entire tiny tea set.  i'm thinking it's the best $3 i accidentally spent, because she's been having dainty and elaborate tea parties all day, with "dat bear" as the guest of honor.    

both of these pictures were taken today, one of sho in a dear vintage dress prancing around sweetly, the other of her standing on a mound of gravel, an enormous filthy work glove on one hand and a pvc pipe 'telescope' in the other: "ARRR, makey!"  

when she was only a couple of days old, i remember already understanding so clearly that she had two strong sides to her personality, that she was somehow both of these opposing things at once, wrapped up in one tiny stubborn body: she was utterly sweet and totally ferocious.  it is such a privilege to be her mama, to be the one who knows her best in the world and watch day by day as she unfolds into herself.

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  1. this is gonna sound bad, but thank G-d you got the tray in the settlement....