Friday, June 29, 2012

out of the woods

for the first time in my adult life, i am a single girl with no desire for an end in sight.  at work recently, another receptionist i work with came over to my building and was like, "woah-ho-ho, who's that smokin' hot german dude?!"  i had no idea i had even been interacting with a smokin' hot german dude all day, that is about where i'm at right now.  my motto: "smokin' hot german dudes: who needs 'em?: the sarah van eck story." 

for the past ten years of my life, i have dated and lived with three different boys (with relatively short breaks in between) who all had the following qualities in common: messy, chaotic, charming, disorganized, unreliable, smokin' hot.  oh, past-sarah.  you sure do like to make the same mistakes over and over again, don't you honey?  present-sarah has done wised up.  i am now a nun (minus the jesus), and holy god why didn't i do this years ago?  it's great!

i'm working on getting rid of everything i own that's not beautiful or functional, and organizing the living bejeezus out of what's left.  i have a budget, on a budgeting website, with goals i'm saving toward.  now that i'm experiencing a slightly maniacal sense of satisfaction in some fairly basic adult tasks, i can see it: homegirl was a hot mess.  it's just too much to take care of yourself, a baby, and a grown man.  i haven't received child support from sho's dad for more than three months, and have done 99.999% of the parenting in that time (with big help from my parents), and: my life is so much easier now. so much better, less stressful, more empowered, more fun.   it's official: the life of a nun is where the party's at.   all those hot german dudes are just going to have to smoke on without me.

part of my grown-ass woman budget includes buying one small art print per month.  the first purchase of my new life as an art collector is nikki mcclure's surrender, above, which i've lusted after since shoshanna was a babe.  does anyone else out there have any art or artists they love?  ashley g is another favorite, and brittany kusa, who is a super-talented friend o' mine.

shoshanna mary is totally my #1 fave artist, though.  always + forever.


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