Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers' day

since it's been three weeks since sho's papa has seen her or even called to check in, my mom got up with shoshi this morning as a fathers' day present to me, allowing me to sleep in til a luxurious 8:45.  heaven!  then they brought me a doughnut.  i tell you, this father gig is pretty great.

but the real subject of this post is my dad, or "chuck" as he's known to shoshanna, which still makes me laugh on the daily.  what can i say, they're on a first-name basis.

although coming to stay with my parents has been an occasional hot mess, for the most part i've been super thankful that shoshi has been given this brief stopover in the land of grandparents.  my dad jumped right on board with the whole two-year-old-in-his-house, all-the-damn-time thing.  he greets her in the morning like he hasn't seen her in days, and willingly invites her to sit on his lap at dinnertime, even though we all know that ends up with peas in your water and full bottle of ranch dressing emptied inexplicably in your lap.  sometimes it's nice just to have someone else's eye to catch and smile with when sho is being cute or weird, like how she always screams over to our very proper and sweet, elderly next door neighbor mr. sweeney, "HEY WEENIE!  HEY, WEEEENIE!"

"chuck" is my daughter's number one male influence.  (though her grampa doug is also an incredible dude, a gruff wise-cracking plumber with a secret heart of melted butter who dotes on shoshi like no other.  he installed a special toilet seat in their house when sho was a baby, so she could sit comfortably on their toilet forevermore.  that's love, man.)  because of my dad, sho sees men as steady, even-tempered, and most importantly, her friends.  they are true buddies, and it is the craziest thing watching her ride around on his back while sho pretends she's riding a horse ("hee-ha!"), because i remember doing the same thing.  he always makes her feel like a special, cool little dude who is worthy of his careful attention, even if he can't always understand what the hell she's saying or why she does the things she does (see: sitting in the dog's water bowl for the third time that morning).  he is a true friend and ally, and when you're a two year old, that counts for a lot.  (when you're a twenty-eight year old, too.)

thank you to my dad, for being sho's "chuck" every day of her life.  she and i are real lucky girls.

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