Monday, June 4, 2012

behind the scenes

did you know that my friend neesy and i have a little business together called native home?  we've been sewing and selling our things together for more than a year now, mostly using vintage or repurposed materials (read: our grandmas' zipper collections, soft old sheets, burlap coffee sacks), and always one-of-a-kind.  we make pretty much everything from baby clothes to tote bags, birthday crowns & tutus to screenprinted michigan-love vintage gear for kiddos, with some baby salve and lip balm thrown in there too.

yeterday morning, nees borrowed her stepdad's fancy camera and we proceeded to take about a thousand pictures of everything we've ever made that's left over from the festivals and shops where we've been slangin' our wares thus far.  'cause we're opening an etsy shop!  

are these two not the cutest ever?  the three of us are such a team in life, it makes sense that we'd invent a killa business together too.  sho made a pretty good model, to the extent that any two year old possibly can.  it was a fun day.  it reminded me a little of the photo assignments from the photography class i took in high school, except with a lot fewer contemplative pictures of my feet.

no vintage-wearing children were harmed during the making of our least, not more than usual.  it should be open in a few days, i'll keep y'all posted!  
UPDATE: our shop is open!  take a peek if you'd like, it sure is full of wood, sunshine, and soft moss.  (not to mention everything we're selling.)  we make sure to price everything reasonably too, so if your heart desires it, you can probably make that dream come true!

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