Saturday, June 2, 2012

signs that sho is turning into a big kid

1.  the house is becoming more and more filled with all manner of lions, tigers, dogs, frogs, & babies.  i remember the first time she ever pretended anything (to my knowledge), she was a snake slithering down the hallway and i was so psyched about it.  finally she is a person! i thought (somewhat ironically).  filled with crazy imaginings and dreams, just like all the rest of us.  last night she was quite certain a rustling outside her window was a tiger, "maybe sick tiger, mama, but good tiger."  these butterfly pictures were taken this morning; not sure why a butterfly requires socks on her hands and three-sizes-too-large ballerina slippers, but you go on with your butterflyin', girlfriend!

2.  she knows certain sayings and songs that i never taught her.  best of all, they're often slightly off, like when she rides the pony at the grocery store and yells "HEE HAW!" or when she sees a pirate (you know, as one does) and snarls "arrr, makey."

3.  there's a pair of strawberry flip-flops that her lovely grandma leslie gave her for her birthday, and i think i will keep them forever because they are pretty much the first item of clothing that she has insisted on wearing...all the time...even though they match about 1% of what she wears and fall off repeatedly.  i feel like i've been waiting for the mismatched, punky brewster phase forever and i say bring it, girl.  see if you can top the madness i came up with when i was a whippersnapper, wearing stirrup pants, polka-dot socks, blue cargo pants, magenta converse, and too-big surf gear from my california cousins...all at the same time.  and that was last year!

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