Friday, June 1, 2012

going through the rain to get to the rainbow?

it's been a tough week for sho and i both, culminating this morning in me locking my keys in my car at a gas station ($55) and a totally non-refundable week's worth of daycare tutition ($145) that shoshi girl never attended, since she's been sick and staying home with my mom instead.  i know i'm so lucky to have parents shoshi can stay home with when she's feeling sick, and a car to borrow so i can drive to work everyday.  but's hard to be perfectly grateful all the time and instead you stand there, late for work and huddled in the cold rain, waiting for the tow truck guys to show up and fighting back tears at all the wasted money that you had to spend so much time away from your sick little kiddo to earn.

but the good part is that i've been feeling more and more all week this strange sense of excitement and gratitude for the new life shoshanna and i are about to stumble into together, just the two of us.  as lucky as we've been to have such a loving place to stay during this rocky time, i'm feeling like it's time for us to look toward moving into a place of our own and getting on with our lives.  i need to figure out a budget and some way to swing this life of ours together.  and i need to go through the millions of hastily packed boxes of all our possesions, finally whittling them down into the barest, most well-organized version of themselves.  something clean, clear, and true...for this unknown new life the two of us are about to embark upon. 

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