Monday, June 11, 2012


shoshi mary was born into a world of aunties who already loved her like whoa.  when i asked her saturday if she wanted to hang out with sara, sara and rosie, she immediately replied, "HELL YEAH." [not a direct quote.]  sometimes she just randomly brings up their names in a dreamy, in-love sort of way.  this particular kalamazoo-branch of aunties is composed of women i've been friends with through so many embarassing stages of life, it's seriously amazing they don't just laugh at me every time i open my mouth.  although, i seem to remember i wasn't the only person who thought the sex pistols were, seriously, the best band ever.

shosh is the first baby of the group, but i remain confident that she will be joined by other crazy little buddies before too long.  which is why, although i've passed along boxes of hand-me-downs to five or so different families, i have also dutifully set aside the very most awesome clothes and baby acoutrements she's used thus far in her life.  it is going to be amazing to see another face in those clothes someday; a face i already love, even though it doesn't even exist yet.  which is exactly how they felt about our shoshi girl.

a true friend makes fun of you when necessary, offers a favor when you need it most, and says "godfucking dammit" when bad news strikes, the kind that makes you see just how vulnerable we all are on this planet spinning wildly through space.  sometimes all you can do is squeeze your eyes shut and hold on tight to each other.

[sara, sara, baby sho and rosie]
[many thanks to sara and jason for loaning me their camera]

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