Saturday, June 23, 2012

party down

last night, sho fell asleep early which meant...time for some friday night sewing!  woop woop!  i drank some homemade iced coffee and watched season 3 of californication from the library, so it was pretty much the craziest party night all week.


i made a little matching pants & monster set (shouldn't every kid have one?) for the baby shower of a friend from high school and his wife.  then i was like, man lately i've been sewing for every kid in the world but my little shoshi mama!  so i threw together a little baby sling for her, complete with a pocket on the front.  that kid loves her some pockets.  


when her great-grandma got her the doll last christmas, sho was pretty "whatever" about it, despite the dope little outfit i sewed for it.  (side note: it's a special kind of creepy feeling, being an adult who just slaved over making tiny doll clothes, particularly when your kid could care less. oy vey.)  anyway, with the sling plus the added maturity of her two years, sho is now a pretty good little doll-mama, even insisting on taking her baby along while climbing the biggest tree she's climbed to date (though she also doesn't hesitate to throw her across the room when the mood strikes...probably no babysitting jobs for shosh quite yet).  we stopped by my work to pick up something i'd left there, and ended up spending an hour roaming around the grounds, which i've pretty much never even noticed.

through her eyes, though, there were endless treasures.  windows to peek through, new dirt to examine, sticks to pick up, bang against things, and first i kept saying, "sho, don't you want to go to the library?"  before finally realizing that the whole point of going to the library this morning was for sho, so why not just let her be perfectly happy right here?  i tell you, that kid.  she was almost just like, "chill, mama. chill."   i will do my best, little dude.


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