Tuesday, June 26, 2012

of cupboards and hypercolor kings

do you guys remember hypercolor t-shirts circa 1992?  oh man they were the jam.  it seemed like everyone and their mother had one, and they were boxy, ugly and totally awesome.  in second grade, my friend and i would have hairdryer fights wearing our hypercolor shirts, while congratulating ourselves on our brilliance all the while.  since approximately 1999, i've been keeping an eye out in thrift stores 'round the country for one of these hallowed items, but have never seen a one.  o hypercolor t-shirts, whither art thou?

here, it turns out.  i splurged on one in 2T for shoshanna, so i could fulfill my own dreams through her.  isn't that what children are for?

it arrived in the mail yesterday and was probably rather more thrilling for me than it was for little miss.  i think she's at an age where everything in the world is remarkable -- penguins, swing sets, bubble wrap -- so a shirt that changes color is sort of par for the amazing-course.  she styled it herself, opting for the belted-with-bare-bottom look, a classic staple of any girl's wardobe.  it was actually pretty cool to be the one not wearing it, because i could see it change color as she worked (her words) in the yard, digging and relocating fistfuls of dirt with great intensity. 

VERDICT: pretty cool, but probably best for slightly older kids who are so accustomed to the world and the ways of its t-shirts that they can appreciate an extraordinary leap in t-shirt technology when they see it.

i was so sure that shirt was going to be the highlight of the night, but you know what it ended up being?  the cupboard under the sink in our bathroom.


i can so clearly remember being three or four, hanging out in my mom's under-sink cupboard in her bathroom while she got ready for work every morning during the winter.  there was a heating vent that piped warm air directly into my cozy hideout nestled among clean folded towels.  the scent of hairspray and static-guard mingled with the sounds of 107.7 "the rocker" morning show and my mom getting ready.  i do so wonder what memories sho will take away from this life of hers.  i sure hope they're good ones, of magic t-shirts and cupboards and never, ever wearing pants.

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