Saturday, June 9, 2012


summer, it is here.  kind of my least favorite season (what up with all that relentless sun?) but so far, so good.  i've decided to take sho out of her daycare for the summer so she can spend it running around like a naked little hooligan and kickin' it poolside with the other neighborhood kids.  it was really important to my mom that she have the full-on summertime experience, so she is going to watch shoshi full-time.  yikes, brave grandma.

this is going to be a summer of big changes for sho and me, because before too long we'll be moving out of my parents' lovely house after (holy god) eight months of staying with them, and on to a future whose shape is largely unknown. i am thankful lil shoshi mama is young and laid-back enough to roll with these punches, which would be a helluva lot more earth-shaking if she was older.  but really, she rolls with pretty much everything, and everyone, these days.  the kids from the neighborhood come knocking on our door every single day, like, "can sho come play?  is she old enough for sleepovers yet?"  to see her holding court with all these kids who tower over her, you can see she really does believe she's one of their peers, a total equal in every way.  last night a ten-year old from down the street came over and played with her for several hours, went impromptu swimming (sho naked, friend in her clothes) and watched reading rainbow afterward.  total buddies.

in other news, shoshanna has her first imaginary friend, who comes to visit every night during our bedtime routine!  not surprisingly, she is a tiger.


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