Wednesday, June 6, 2012

first haircut

when shoshi mary was born, she had a lovely full head of dark hair.  we rejoiced and said smugly, "aren't babies with hair just so much better?"  shortly thereafter, it all fell out.  (god was punishing us, you see.)  not that i cared, i was pretty much blind to her receeding hairline and male pattern baldness at that point, so captivated was i by her juicy thighs and fat, dear little head.

a haircut seemed like a very faraway prospect for my bald little girl.  but then, over the weekend when we took the two sho-adoring girls on our street to the beach and fountains in st. joe, i noticed her hair was lookin' rather shaggy.  maybe it was the boyish bathing suit she was wearing most of the time (for some reason, those bikini swimsuits for kiddos weird me right out), but she was looking like one scrappy (happy) little dude.

so last night after her bath, there was a pair of scissors sitting right there on the bathroom counter, and i just absentmindedly started trimming.  it wasn't until about halfway through that i realized my girl was getting her first haircut! 

i first cut my own hair when i was around fifteen, and the only professional cut i got for the next ten years was when i worked briefly at a fancy hair salon in san francisco.  i love cutting hair, and have given most of my friends at least one cut at one time or another, usually sitting outside, shielding our wine-filled mason jars from the falling hair with one hand.  i discovered that the secret to keeping sho still is giving her a bowl of bean soup and some chips, and telling her "giving you an awesome haircut" when she asks every fifteen seconds or so, "what doing, mama?" 

cutting hair is one of those few things for me that i can do by instinct, like i can rearrange a room's furniture or the words in a sentence.  there should be a word for the satisfaction such instinctual action brings.  not to mention the end result, a kid who looks equal parts cute and so dang grown up.

honestly though, even though i loved baby-sho, i am really coming into my own as a mother during this older phase in her life.  the "why" phase has begun and i love it.  this morning:

sho: what doing, mama?
me: making myself some breakfast, kiddo.
sho: why?
me: so i don't get hungry later on.
sho: why?
me: because then i would get grumpy.
sho: why?
me: because my body would be telling me that it is slowly starving to death and i need to do something about it, like hunt for some berries or kill a lion.
sho: (after a long silence)  okay!

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  1. Forget shoshi, you are adorbale in that top photo!!!