Wednesday, June 27, 2012


last night sho and i went over to our friends' house to run amok with some other kiddos and eat some clafoutis, respectively.  my friend emily writes a really top-notch baking blog wherein she's baking an entire cookbook's worth of deliciousness over the course of one year, and her friends get to eat it all.  it's pretty buttery, no matter how you slice it!  (HAR) 
none of my photos of their pretty house or the people inside it turned out, because let's face it, i am currently (thankful to be) taking pictures with my parents' battered old point-and-shoot circa the year 2000, but trust me, it was good. 

when shoshi and i left, we walked past an alley full of slow-dancing teenagers.  does that sound like a dream or what?  a boombox hooked up to an extension cord was blasting latin pop music, and sho stopped dead in her tracks, pointed, and said, "mama, shoshi dance."  i can safely guarantee that without my little partner-in-crime, i would pretty much never have approached an alley of dancing strangers, no matter how beautiful the sight.  but with her by my side, we walked up and a sweet-smiling mexican woman explained that the dozen or so teenagers were practicing for a quinceanera (kinda like a sweet sixteen party for mexican girls but way more elaborate, with lots o' fancydancing).  one of the older boys immediately swept sho up in his arms and started dancing with her, then teaching me to do these elaborate waltz moves (oh geez).  my favorite part was that even the boys were dancing very seriously (and closely) with each other, trading off dancing the girl's part with no fuss or teasing.  it was lovely.  and i never would've even noticed that sweet pocket of humanity on a hot summer night in michigan, if it weren't for my girl shoshanna. 


  1. My god! I am melting with the amazing-ness of that last photo! Sheesh! That's just so wonderful! So glad you came over for some dessert and for Sho to run laps with the kiddos!

  2. I know what you mean! It's the kind of thing you'd like to stop for but need a little one to make the connection. Precious!