Monday, May 14, 2012

thoughts on this mother's day

[airborne sho, mothers' day 2012]

yesterday was my first mother's day in the "single mamas" camp.  i have to say, i'm proud to be here.  thinking back to the single mothers of my childhood friends, it's an honor to be part of this hard-working, ocasionally pissed-off, ever-loving crew. i remember really looking up to those fatherless family units a kid. they seemed glamorous, strong and scrappy, more like friends who were in it together than the boring nuclear families who dotted the suburban landscape of my childhood.

that image sure is a glamorization though.  i definitely didn't get breakfast in bed from my adoring husband this year, or an elaborate present, or actually any present.  sho woke up at 6 o'clock, so i did too, just like every day.  but who cares, i still have it so easy.... 

this mother's day, sho's paternal grandparents, whom i adore--they are the laid-back version of family i never had--cooked up a glorious breakfast for the two of us, eggs and potatoes and bacon and fruit and biscuits and gravy, pretty much my dream breakfast o' gluttony.  of course, my own (still-married and fabulous) parents help too much to describe.  and my friend vanessa mailed the sweetest mother's day card everrr.  she is another of sho's true mamas, building her a cardboard clubhouse (which, along with the exercise trampoline she recently garage-sale-scored for sho, take up approximately 40% of her tiny apartment), buying her new shoes each season, listening carefully to every unintelligable word sho has ever spoken, and best of all, not being afraid to say NO to our naughty and charming girl. 

anyway, i had a post planned about everything i have learned from my mother, but it turns out i've learned too much to sum it up in a day's worth of writing, so that will have to wait.  in the meantime, i guess i just want to thank all the women who have mothered my little girl in her almost-two years.  sara, rosie, casey, sara, emily, kelsey, brittany, vanessa, DANG that's one lucky girl!  each woman is worth her own post.  maybe that will be a "feature" of this blog in the future.  she has so many funny, weird, super-smart aunties who love her SO.  happy mothers day, y'all.  i could not do it without you.


  1. dads are the worst, can i do that terribly predictable all men are assholes bit? or maybe i can just say, coming from a broken home,e and currently the father in one, shit gon be just fine, you'll carry the brunt of all the work and she will always love daddy no matter how much of a let down he is, and life moves on! crazy as denise is i give her two hundred percent credit on raising annette by herself without me around, and i am a loser deadbeat that buys her love and can't begin to live with myself for it, though i put up a great front, what i'm really actually trying to say is, you got the best part...sho...and as a father without my child i know that not having that is a terrible empty feeling, so you win in the end, even though its not about that...sorry i'll just stop now

  2. sarah! i am so happy i just now rediscovered your blog! happy mother's day you amazing mama! i have been going nutso with finals but its almost over! so much love from me to you and sho. xoxo