Saturday, May 19, 2012

sewin' monsters

last night and this morning, i raided my scraps stash and sewed up three lil monsters for a customer who was headed to a baby shower for twins, and has a little one of her own.  they were pretty fun to make.  each monster had one crinkly ear (plastic grocery bag) and one ear filled with rice, for tactile delights.  sho (not normally a stuffed animal/blanket loving kid at all) got ahold of em and hugged them tight, dancing around the yard singing, "fweinds, fwiends, i haff some new fwiends!"  it was pretty much a total shitstorm trying to distract her long enough to kidnap back her fwiends.

i think maybe i like drawing monsters with big teeth and whatnot so much because you don't have to be so perfect all the time.  lopsided head?  crooked eyes?  uneven legs?  go on with your bad self!

it was good to try sewing something a little different.  i always forget to take pictures of the orders i make for folks, but now that i'm a total blogger i'm goin' for it!  would you like me to make you an ugly monster for the child of your heart's affection?  holla at me,!  each one comes in a brown paper gift bag with a vintage sewing pattern as tissue paper.  the price totally varies by how rich you are, because i am a communist.

happy weekend!

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