Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hap bir-day shoshanna mary!

[sho in her new birthday jammies, which she calls her "ballerinas"]

dude, i hope i never forget the look on sho's face as she rounded the corner this morning and saw a kitchen decorated in head-to-toe streamers and a huge stack of cardboard blocks, where last night there had just been an ordinary kitchen and high chair.  she could not believe her eyes!  she kept running around yelling, "hap bir-day uma!  hap bir-day chuck!" (that is what she calls my dad, for unknown and hilarious reasons).  we kept saying, "happy birthday to YOU, shoshi!  it's YOUR birthday!"  i tried to take a picture, but every single one turned out blurry because she was running around so much.  her little self could not even with the excitement.  i'd put out a couple little things for her to open this morning too, a little pink squishy ball and one of those cheapo microphones that echo.  i think those could be her only presents and she'd be totally psyched.  "hap bir-day CHUCK!" she would yell into the echo-phone.  "hap BIR-DAY!!!"

our shoshi is so dear, and geezy petes so easy to please.  i love a kid who can get that worked up over some streamers and a $1.99 microphone.  it's only nine o'clock and this is already one of my favorite days.  just like the morning she was born two years ago, as a matter of fact, at 8:05 am after a hazy night of hard labor at home.  by nine o'clock, already one of my very best days.

["don't wory guys.  i GOT this birthday"]

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  1. those jammies turned out SO NICE! HAP BIR-DAY, SHO!