Thursday, May 17, 2012

no pictures


last night when i got home, shoshanna wanted to go down into the basement (a favorite place of hers, for dank and unknown reasons).  i kept putting her off distractedly, doing other things first. then my mom said, "why don't you go play with sho?  she's waited a long time to see you."  oh man, duh!  so often i am doing other things when i'm with my girl, checking my phone or sneaking peeks at my book.  it's so hard to be really present with kiddos sometimes, especially when the repetitive activity they want to do for the fifth time in a row makes you want to run screaming in the opposite direction.  (candyland, can i get a witness?)

so i said, "shoshi, do you want to go paint outside?"  what what!  she was all, hell yes.  especially when i then stripped her down.  paint and outside and naked?  three of her all-time favorite things!  throw in some chocolate and she might just have exploded with happiness.  so i refrained from the chocolate.  anyway, so i spread out a roll of brown kraft paper and forgot about paintbrushes.  she used her hands, feet, booty, rocks, grass, the cat, etc, to spread the paint around.  before long she was a glorious mess, head to toe paint monster.  she had streaks of red paint across her shoulders and cheek like an awesome warrior goddess, and oh my gawd i wanted to run inside for the camera like a total crazy person.  no!  i told myself.  sometimes cameras are just another way of not really being present, at least for me.  so i made myself sit, and just soak in the moment without needing to document, catalog, or share it as it was happening.  it was not easy, which means that i am a dork and also that i should probably do it a lot more often.

so that's why the only pictures are unrelated ones my mom texted me while i was at work today...but the ones in my mind of our painting session sure are bright and clear.  is there anything better than a juicy little baby booty waggling around, covered in paint?  you'll just have to use your imagination....

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  1. i think if shoshi ain't have the van eck eyebrows she wouldn't be nearly as cute!!!