Thursday, May 10, 2012

helloooo blogosphere!

[photo credit: dan foley]

i've always kept the pictures small on this little blog, to match my expectations of it.  well, no more, friends.  this blog's about to get loud and proud!  i might even tell people about it.  the more i read other blogs, the more i think, these people's lives aren't any more interesting than mine.  yet i gobble em up!  so maybe someone will want to gobble me up?  if you do read this, won't you leave a comment from time to time?  then i will feel less like i am a narcissist shouting into the abyss.

i just turned 28 last week, and am therefore feeling ruminative.  "how old are you?  thirty?" my mom said.  dang, ma dukes!  but also, i feel you.  this has been a rough year.

in some ways my life has exceeded expectations (see above photos), in other ways i am sort of...not living up to potential.  failuriffic, i'd call it.  my marriage has ended, i live with my parents, i'm a lowly receptionist.  oho, but wait!  my marriage has ended, what a blessing.  i get to wake up with my daughter (pretty much the best boyfriend ever) and know that our day together will be peaceful and stable (or as much as that is possible with a two-year old).  i live with my parents, who are so incredibly supportive and have helped sho and i in about a thousand different ways these past few months.  i really don't know what on earth i would've done without their help; it's worth a post of its own, really.  and: i'm a lowly receptionist, which also means i finally got a full-time job with the fattest paychecks of my life!  which is kind of sad, but whateva dogs, living ever-so-slightly above the poverty line is AWESOME.      

stay tuned, friends.  i'm about to blog this blog into reverse-oblivion.

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  1. yo girl. I read this. I love all the words you throw out into the blogosphere! You are SO interesting, so share more! AND!!! I want to see you in real life, too. xoxo