Thursday, May 24, 2012

birthday ruminations

"what is it about this day that's been so great?" my mom said last night, after sho finally fell asleep, a dreamy smile on her face (seriously). "it was better than any other day this year."  our eventual hypothesis was that birthdays are meant for kids.  when you are small and largely powerless, a day when everyone sort of caters to your wishes and treats you like someone big and important, is literally unbelievable.  i got that feeling from sho all day, from the moment she saw the streamers hanging in the kitchen, to the second when i walked into her daycare (in the middle of the day!) and all four of her grandparents were already there, about to eat chocolate and sing to her and her alone...she just could not believe what was happening to her.  the lake trip afterward with vanessa ("neesy," as she's known to us) just put the icing on the cake, so to speak.  it was such a pleasure to treat our shoshi--especially when the treats were so very cheap, and the appreciation was so great.  things are tight for us money-wise right now, but it didn't seem to matter to her at all. 

i hope that i can always remember that, about kids and money.  sometimes, to be honest with you, i get to feeling so jealous about other blogs i read, and the lovely organic fabrics and pricey vintage clothes and hand-crafted this and thats they can buy for their children, the elaborate nurseries they create and attentive husbands whose salaries sometimes allow it all....especially when, at present, sho sleeps with me in my old bedroom at my parents' house, and i (or friends) honestly make most of her clothes and toys, or buy them on the super, was good to know that she still feels pretty ballin'. 

anyway, her favorite gifts (as of yesterday) were the streamers (a few dollars), that cheap little plastic microphone, a pink care bear and some truly insane dance/ballet leotards (pictured above) that neesy found at a garage sale.  that's it.  i think the triycle & blocks love will come later.  (and, can i just send out a prayer of thanks that shoshi has neesy in her life, because...i just cannot with the pink and princessy.  but she really does love it, always prancing around and saying things are "so, so boo-ful, mama.  so boo-ful."  well, i can get down with that, i suppose.)  so i guess just: thank you universe!  for the beautiful day and my beautiful, thankful girl.  and all the people who help make her feel like an awesome little dude, everyday.  (except when she's not being awesome.  thanks for that, too.)

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