Monday, May 28, 2012

shoshi's second birthday party

yesterday afternoon we had a little party for shosh, mostly with the little neighbor kids and a few of my friends. 

she wore the fabric strip tutu i made her for christmas and that she's been wearing ever since, and a birthday crown i whipped up the night before.  perhaps i'll make a quick tutorial for both here sometime soon, because they were simple to make and much-loved.  the balloon banner was wicked easy to make (i used these instructions), and i used paint chips from the hardware store to make the triangle pennants.  my mom was up until one in the morning making a truly epic chocolate cake and homemade funfetti cupcakes. my dad blew up a bazillion balloons using his tire air compressor, and they both worked really hard in many other ways to get the house all partied out.  

i hid some "surprise balls" around the yard (below) and had the kiddos run around finding them.  basically you buy some plastic junk that kids love, and wrap each item up progressively in a ball of crepe paper. (i got the idea from shiso mama.)  these were started off with a big pink old-fashioned bouncy ball; the key is to get sort of flat toys for the rest so they can be wrapped up efficiently.  so not only are "surprise balls" unwound to a symphony of junk hidden inside, but it's also very festive what with the streamers and plastic objects flying everywhere!  i was thinking they would be a really smart idea for a car ride or airplane trip, because it would keep kids entertained forever.  maybe they could unwrap another layer every time they saw a cow or a red VW or something.  sho really loved them and has been begging me for another one ever since.

anyway, it was a good time.  it's hard for me not to go overboard during party planning, even just for a teensy little gathering like this one.  i'm pretty much constitutionally incapable of not filling a house with balloons, streamers, and rainbow fruit kebabs for my girl's birthday, it seems.  i hope shoshi remembers her birthdays as magical times...and not as times when her mother turned into a total crepe-paper/frosting maniac.


  1. Shoshi's partys are always so dreamy! One lucky kid!

  2. ooooooooh i really wish i could have been there! super duper happy birthday to you, shoshanna! (looooooovvvvvving these pictures and writings sarah...such a treat)