Sunday, October 3, 2010


"i need to start writing some raps, some SPOOKY raps. for halloween."

so due to "the economy" and "rising foreclosure rates in the state of michigan," david's pop and his doberman named sylvia now live in our garage out back (actually pretty cozy thanks to a little woodburning stove). among other things i am learning that david hughes and his father LOVE halloween, i mean i do too, it is surely a magical time of the year, but this is serious. the decorations began in early august (small exaggeration only), a skeleton here, a pumpkin there, but now that it's finally october, the VERY MONTH OF HALLOWEEN, well. there are seriously probably 25 skull representations in the front yard alone. how do i feel about this? i am planning on decorating the house to within an inch of its life for christmas. in fact i think we should become one of those houses, the ones with the thirty-foot tall lifelike leprechaun on the roof for the entire month of march. wish us luck!


  1. put a fake mustache on sho for march. and prance her around town saying, "don't worry, i always carry a spare mustache"

  2. nigga i just wrote a spooky halloween rap song, we used the theme from the tv show Goosebumps for the beat. its awesome!