Thursday, October 7, 2010


twas a bad day yesterday so last night we put sho in her jammies and took her to the union to eat portabella fries and hear some jazz (in that order, at least for david and me). i remember the first time we took her out to eat when she was about three weeks old, we walked down to bell's and sat outside, and i pretty much felt like i was having a heart attack the whole time. i was so worried about her bothering people, crying, needing something and not having it, lordy. now we take her out to eat with us at least once a week and it's all gravy. the only supplies you really need are a spare diaper and pacifier, and we just hold her while we eat. gravy! anywayyy, back to the JAZZ. that kid loved it! literally from the time it started to the time it ended, she stood on david's lap and stared with wide eyes at the stage. it reminded me of when i used to live in san francisco, i would go to this underground (literally) "jazz club" and drink whiskey sours with my fake id that said i was 5'7" (i wish!) and muse that jazz sounds exactly like an alligator staircase. it still does. it was a magical evening, and sho didn't even need to break out her fake id to hear the alligators.

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  1. so cute.
    remember when i got your i.d. confiscated when i tried to impersonate you at club monaco?
    oh the times are a changing!
    i like the image as sho as a jazz afficionado. she def has an old soul