Tuesday, October 26, 2010


photo credit: vanessa hardy

such a classic part of michigan life i think. i love how the local weather people get so SO excited but they have to play it cool because, you know, gotta keep it professional for the public, who are in DANGER FOR THEIR LIVES. but their love of crazy weather totally comes through anyway and they're practically hopping up and down with excitement. david and i love to turn on the local weather when it gets like this just to hear em. today: "...and the yellow swirls, the majestic fuscia swirls, of this doppler radar screen, indicates that the winds are indeed progressing..." when the last tornado came through they were practically begging people to send in any "live-action" tornado shots they might happen to come across.

it reminds me of bill keneely, who was me and my mom's favorite meteorologist on the weather channel some years ago. we always yelled for each other when he came on, because his outrageous enthusiasm for all things extreme weather-related was so wonderful to watch. he would always be standing either in slashing horizontal rain somewhere, sickening green sky and palm fronds behind him whipping around as fast as his hair, or in like some NASA-grade space-blue cold-weather parka with ten foot blowing drifts behind him, always with a HUGE smile on his face. there is something so endearing about a true extreme weather-lover. my grandpa gave me more than one weather radio over the years that could turn on automatically in the event of a tornado warning, which i assumed probably involved a spy-grade level of technological advancement. not that any true extreme weather-lover would ever actually go into the basement during a tornado, which it is the entire point of the tornado warning to advise...

i love tornadoey days.


  1. This is an awesome picture. I'm kinda jealous. We don't get Autumn like this out here... no tornadoes either. However, we did have a pretty good pumpkin carving/Ghostbusters watching/hot cider drinking party the other night.


  2. oh girl, when i was in high school i made some super sweet "fliers" that had a photo of MY favorite weatherman Jeff Tancheck who was on channel 41. The point of it was basically a photo of him, a brief impressive bio and the fact that he saved our picnics on a daily basis.