Sunday, October 24, 2010

too sleepy for a title

dude, i am such a dedicated blogger that i just got out of bed to post this picture, having remembered four minutes before midnight that i promised my vast readership a picture of sho's fresh knockoff lions gear today. it was a hit, and so lovely to present an unexpected little wrapped package to my lovely this morning. i have been a true believer in spontaneous gift giving ever since a landmark day of around the age of six, when for some reason i went to my mom and earnestly explained that i was having the sort of day where a present would be particularly appreciated. my mom is the best at understanding those rare and perfect moments when the best course of action is to spoil a person, so she wrapped up a popple puzzle she must have been saving for some unexpected kid's birthday party and presented it to me in the living room. i think i even remember what i was wearing (green corduroy overalls) as i opened the popple puzzle, that's how amazing it was to make such an outlandish request and have it be respected, just this once. they can make a day just a touch magical, unexpected presents.

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  1. now entering the best dressed babe in kzoo (aka the world)