Monday, October 4, 2010

the tamale man

one of the things i like about living on the north side, aside from the easy availability of churches with hand-painted signs and 3/$10 rap bootlegs, is the tamale man. whenever one of us sees his red truck we yell, "tamale guy! tamale guy!" and run out the door, much like the ice cream truck's somewhat illegal (health code) immigrant cousin. although there's really no need to run, ever since we told him how much we love his tamales he makes a special stop for us. they are always piping hot, fresh from his kitchen where his wife and daughter make and package them in fold-over baggies, six for $4. we always split a package of six right then and there. the best part is the hot sauce, which is also packaged in a knotted baggie like a little hot sauce bomb. you stick a fork in it and drizzle it out onto the tamale. delicioso!

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