Monday, October 11, 2010

reading roundup no. 2

i meant to have a good quantity of book-talk in this blog and then i forgot about it until now. here we go! today i will tell you about my current fave, little house in the big woods. this is the dearest book alive. i read it yesterday and kept telling david about it: "pa built ma a wooden shelf for her china shepherdess. laura and mary got red mittens for christmas. pa makes bullets every night before bed" until he was finally just so on the edge of his seat, crazy jealous that i decided to read him the next book in the series, little house on the prarie. (sometimes i read to him at night because otherwise that boy would never get his daily dose of reading, ever. also it is a pleasant custom.) i am on a quest, along with sho being trilingual, to give her the best library of books a kid could possibly dream of, in addition to a personal reading cave, tent, or fort (her choice). so i've been collecting used kids' books for about a year now and have a pretty good collection going, including a few of the little house books. with fall in the air, how could i resist breaking one out again? and oh, so cozy and perfect for this season. it takes place in wisconsin back when it (and michigan too) was just one huge forest. and they are so secluded there in the middle of the woods, entirely dependent on themselves and what they find in the woods for survival through the long winter. it's pretty much nonstop churning butter and smoking meat and oiling traps, basically. and you can tell ma and pa are totally in love, the way they call each other "charles" and "caroline" (hot, right?) and make each other wooden shelves for their china shepherdesses. the humble and hardworking simplicity of their lives makes me seriously yearn for the frontier life. in conclusion, little house in the big woods totally wins as serious homesteading inspiration and dreaminess champion. eat it, thoreau! and take a look, it's in a book!

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  1. Not only did I read this the other night to a young'n I was watching, but I also remember reading it myself when I was small, probably with my grandma bernie. that is the life they had after all, much of it in the U.P. and also in places like alaska! can you even imagine? five babes all in one small cabin, and Rube and Bernice, spending days working hard. I bet their childhoods were hardER...