Tuesday, October 12, 2010

gettin' crafty

one type of blogs i enjoy reading are "craft blogs" (not the ugly kind). in an effort to expand this blog's horizons i will show you a craft i made just now. they are crinkly little teething blanket/toy devices and are pretty much exactly identical to some dog toys i made for stella (and somewhat unbelievably also embroidered with her name) when i was pregnant. except instead of stuffed with batting, they are stuffed with a layer of qdoba takeout bag (i found its middle-weight crinkle to be the most satisfying). other accoutrements include nylon (tug straps? tug job? strap ons? nothing sounds quite right...) straps used to tug things. also knotted strips of leather, fur, yellow t-shirt scraps, and sho's name. so far all of these accessories are right up her alley, especially chewin' on that leather (which is stella's favorite part too).

thank you, this has been DOIN CRAFTS with sarah h!

1 comment:

  1. supah cute! i love it:)
    you are a crafty mama.
    Tug-ons sounds about right to me. Or tuggables.
    Keep the crafts coming!