Thursday, October 21, 2010

sew sew sew your boat

so since figuring out how to make shirts and, as of late last night, pants, i have become a baby clothes sewing maniac! four dresses and one autumnal track suit later and i show no signs of slowing down. there is something so satisfying about taking one old thing and using it to make another (very little house). the yellow ribbing on the lil number above is from a cut up old t-shirt, and on the back strip it says (in small letters, upside down) "groceries - lotto - liquor". i think those are all good solid themes for infantwear.

since there is approximately o chance of david reading this, since his aversion to both reading and internet navigation rivals that of...well, no one, i will tell you that i am scheming on a present for him! to be unveiled this (superbowl football party) sunday, a lions dress for shoshi. made from thrifted t-shirts (total cost 98 cents) and a screen printed lions logo on the front. don't tell the trademarking peeps, i am totally making knockoff football apparel out of my own home! stay tuned, on sunday i will post a picture. it's getting very exciting around here, isn't it?