Thursday, September 30, 2010

nature v nurture

photo credit: dan foley

yesterday morning we strapped shoshi into her yuppie-grade three-wheeled all-terrain strollermobile and walked on over the the family health center on paterson for her four-month checkup (90th percentile for height, by the way--our girl's going to potentially be tall). and man, the waiting room of that place was like ground zero for grim city. i keep noticing so many mothers either totally ignoring their sobbing babies or all, "SIT YER ASS DOWN" which, grammar aside, i have serious doubts i could talk to somebody like that even if we were blood enemies (real phrase?), much less my small child. it really does make my blood boil (it's a bloody post, what can i say) when parents think it's ok to talk to their kids with total contempt and disrespect, on the reg. as david said (loudly):"what up with all these bitch moms?"

and then you have the scene right before my friend casey's wedding last weekend, when sho and i and three of my dear friends were all getting ready for the ceremony in a small unheated cabin with one tiny mirror to share between us. after i pulled the second layer of tights on over shoshi's plump little thighs, put on her monster boots, and popped up her bear hood, i stood back for a moment in silent admiration of the cute explosion happening before my very eyes. i said something like, "whoah, check out this cute." and as i held sho up while she stood on a bunk bed, all three of her aunties crowded around with exclamations of delight until they finally began clapping for her. the girl got a standing ovation for being herself (with help from the bear hoodie, of course).

so, even though i tend to think most of who you are is just random DNA sequencing stuck in your genes from moments after conception, i do have to believe that how you are treated in your early days has something to do with who you end up becoming. and that is why i intend to get sho going on the child beauty pageant circuit, post haste.

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