Thursday, September 16, 2010

doom, gloom

along with parenthood has come a new hobby for me (no, i'm not talking about putt putt golf n games OR formula k family fun park...this time). and that is...worrying about unlikely things! for example, on our recent honeymoon i liked to think about what if someone came to the cabin at night, after i'd put shoshi to bed but while david and i were still awake. they would murder us both (obviously) but would overlook the sleeping bundle of baby in the bed. or, maybe they weren't in the mood for baby killing that day. who am i to say? either way, HOW LONG would it take for sho to be discovered? in that case, it would really have been days. oh god. the thought of her crying and crying and wondering why her mama was ignoring her...and then REALLY crying...

well, that's my hobby!

1 comment:

  1. we've discussed our mutual fascination of this special type of mind imprisonment. just remember to play the scenario out until its been resolved. oh...its so squeaky...memories.