Monday, September 6, 2010

the honeymooners

we have loaded up the caddy and are taking it, the dogs, and the baby northward! david and i went camping in the same area up north around the same time of year when we first dated six years ago and have really good memories of that time. i even wrote a poem about it that began,

"when we go into town
(looking for a wine key)
the old people smile."

i don't remember the rest, except that it ended, "when i am an old woman/ i hope your ghost haunts me."

yeah i just quoted my own poetry, WHAT! anyway, i still hope his ghost haunts me when i am an old woman, or better yet salty old dahveed himself. so happy to be going on a honeymoon with him.

back in one week, my dear two readers!


  1. sure sounds sweet. picturing your little family with sandy feet stepping and making little wet bear paws on the wood floors of my imagination's cottage.

  2. i like that you can remember poems from long ago, but just the beginning and the end!