Monday, October 1, 2012

gnarly deck, bro

the top scores from some thrifting done this weekend were the handmade slippers featured above, which i will be marrying shortly, and a tiny skateboard for sho.  "it's just my size!" she's always saying, and it is.  we've been putting her on a skateboard since before she could walk, just 'cause they were always lying around our house on the north side, and the floor there was a smooth, polished plywood.  it was an old house, but all five tiny rooms on the lower floor had been ripped out, creating one big room perfect for skating from one end to another.  even though i'm really not great at it, skateboarding is a big part of the crazy whirlwind story of david and i getting together for the sole purpose, looking back on it, of inventing sho.

with the help of this little board, and shoshi now being, in her words, "a big, brave girl," she is able for the first time to really ride on it by herself.  which consists of about ten parts falling to one part riding, a feeling i'm quite familiar with myself.  she kept falling and getting back on and falling, repeat, for a really long time, before i finally took pity on her and held her hands, pulling her around the house on the board at great speeds.  something about the look on her face as we whizzed through the house, sheer delight mixed with exactly zero fear, has me a little worried for what the future may hold....  

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