Sunday, September 30, 2012

my good luck

a little while ago, i entered a giveaway on the super charming blog petite biet...and WON!  oh hell yes, my bonnet-loving day was MADE!  i've been obsessed with baby bonnets since before sho was born, but always had a really hard time finding one that was not 1) actually a hideous bucket hat or 2) covered in scratchy frills and ribbons.  the ones by urban baby bonnets are so lovely that i've seriously had a wistful eye on one ever since sho was a babe.  the giveaway instructions were to leave a comment with your favorite bonnet, so i did, even though the one i picked out was a limited-edition cold-weather bonnet and therefore more expensive than their regular bonnets.  when i won, ub2 explained that there had been a miscommunication and that actually, the winner would be sent a random bonnet, not the one they chose.  that's awright, i was still mad psyched about my unexpected bonnet bounty.  then...a few days later...a package in the mail arrived...(do you like this narrative suspense?) with the expensive bonnet that i'd picked out inside!  DUDE! (cool story, bro.)  i'm in love.  also cool, all bonnets are made in the usa by work-at-home mamas who are paid fairly for their work.  the prices aren't cheap, but when you think about what you're paying for -- really beautiful, one-of-a-kind items and workers paid fairly -- it feels like a good, ethical buy.  anyway, i just wanted to mention my luck and gratitude.  most amazing of all, sho loves it too!

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  1. I bought one for Eli when he was tiny and he wore it all last summer. Now, it STILL fits (I have big headed kids) but Sam wears it. I know dudes don't usually wear bonnets, but I don't care. I love them.

    1. oh man, this comment makes my morning. i LOVE dudes in bonnets! all through my pregnancy, i was so sure sho was a boy, and i STILL bought every non-frilly bonnet i could get my hands on (much to the chagrin of...everyone else). fellow dude-bonnet supporters unite!