Thursday, October 18, 2012

a camera, a pony, and some unpasteurized cider

the weekend was drizzly and dreary, my favorite kind of weekend, and strangely warm.  kind of like moss in weather form: hazily prehistoric, mysterious and cozy.  so we piled in my car and went to an apple orchard, where my friend dan presented sho with a prize: his seriously battered and trusty old point-and-shoot camera. a real camera, for a two-year old! much less a camera that has taken so many beautiful photos over the years. dan has the eye, for sure. this generous gift comes at a lucky time for mama, because sho has taken to carrying my camera around, snapping pictures with such joy and excitement that it's as hard on me as it is on her to finally tear her away from my (so breathtakingly breakable, so expensive) camera.

sho went on her first pony ride (besides the penny pony at meijers, which she always used to yell "HEE HAW" while sitting upon).  it was like the ponies and the pony-ride operator were having a grim-off, to see who could be the most clinically depressed (and depressing) over the course of one pony ride.  it was neck and neck!  fortunately, sho was too busying yelling "GIDDYUP GIDDYUP GIDDYUP" to worry too much about the mental health status of either pony or operator, so that was good.

it was just barely warm enough for the bees to be out, but they were stumbling and dumb, and kept landing in places that would normally be alarming -- my eye region, sho's donut -- but they were so staggery that you could just brush them off without fear.  (at least...sho and i could.  jason had some rather high-pitched misgivings, i think.)

oh, win again.  until tomorrow!

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  1. Remember listening to atmosphere and driving there on a warm fall day in your festiva?

    1. dude...for some reason, i will NEVER forget that.