Sunday, October 28, 2012


even last year, when sho was such a little tiny dumpling of a girl, she was all about halloween. she got the whole trick-or-treat thing instantly, and did not want it to end, even when it was cold and dark out and the house one street over blasted industrial music complete with strobe lights and a cackling gravedigger.  "mo, mama, mo!"  it's even more fun this year, now that she's a grown-up girl who can make jokes and sing the alphabet and count to ten in spanish out of nowhere (whaat?).  we did a trick-or-trail one mile fun run yesterday with neesy, as part of her job.  ("this is recreation at its finest!" she texted me early in the morning, and it does not get cuter than that.)  after sho's nap was the neighborhood parade and halloween party, which was pretty much better than christmas for sho.  i took so many good pictures there, but i feel like posting photos of kiddos without their parents' permission is pretty wack, so somehow you'll just have to pick up the pieces of your life without having seen them.  so good though...all those bright costumes and laughing faces make great photos just kinda fall into your lap, i do believe.

at the fun run, there was this "tween" wearing a purple wig and hot pink tights and a crazy dress, and sho stopped in her tracks when she saw her, then slowly walked to her side, beaming up at her as she settled in to follow her around for the rest of her life, ideally.  the smile on her face did not waver as she walked side by side with this kid, just gazing up at her in silent adoration.  finally we took pity on the poor kid ("uh...hi there") and ushered sho along. shosh would be so happy in a huge family of kids, which is why i'll probably have to join a commune shortly.

sho likes to go, "BOO!...don't worry, i'm just a witch.  it's just me!"  she loves scaring people, but man, i put on an old "my little pony" episode on youtube for her last night, and shortly thereafter heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from our room.  "the unicorn...the unicorn!"  she sobbed. after i calmed her down, she said sadly, "tears are coming all down my face."  those unicorns, man.  they get you every time.

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  1. That last picture is so eerie! Is it bad that I want to make it into a poster and use it as a haloween decoration to scare people?
    2nd question: can I do that? do i have your parental consent.

  2. I am so in love with that donut covered face. Sweet Sho! This needs to be framed! xoxoxo