Tuesday, October 16, 2012

wig shopping

i've written a fair bit here about my friend sara's breast cancer, but man.  the writing she's doing lately is incredible.  i have to take a break after reading it sometimes and just sit quietly for a moment.  to update you in two sentences, the reconstruction after her mastectomy--which took something like twelve hours in surgery and a solid month of brutal recovery--had a sudden tissue failure a couple weeks ago and needed to be removed by emergency surgery.  right around that time, sara decided to undergo intensive chemotherapy (even though all the cancer is gone from her body right now), in an effort to lower the chances of the cancer coming back years later in a form that can't be treated.  she starts chemo in a week.

she has been so brave, funny, and gracious through all of this.  it has really reminded me how lucky i am to have grown up with her and known her for so many years, through all of our crazy schemes and boys loved and lost (and loved again), all the mixtapes made and books traded back and forth and folded-up notes stuck in lockers.  even in the midst of this life-and-death battle that she's fighting, she still has a little present to spoil sho with more often than not, and asks after all the mundane details of everyone's lives with genuine care and interest.  she's a peach, and i'm so lucky to know her.

so, chemo!  it's gonna be awesome!  (no.)  but we're in chemo prep mode right now, which means there are actual physical things i've been able to do to help out, like shop for hats and scarves and go to three different wig shops with sara.  i also went with her to an ekg and ct scan, where i got to see the inside of her amazing heart.  good times!  i never before realized how important it is to have something tangible to do in the face of terrifying uncertainty.  i really appreciate it.  i haven't spent this much time with sara since we were nineteen-year old roommates, which is also a silver lining.  (side note: i just found my old diaryland blog, lemonaide, from when i was 16-19, and o lord it is incredible.  an excerpt: "i do not know when we turned into partygirls but i suspect it has something to do with high heels and rap music.")

wig shopping: not as fun as it sounds, when it's not a drunken halloween costume you're shopping for, but, well...hair.  hair that will make you feel like a regular person, maybe, if you're lucky.  thanks to my dad's friendly nature, he ran into a chemo patient at this student hair salon he goes to ($5 haircuts = my dad's idea of heaven) and asked her about wig hookups.  she told him that the american cancer society donates free wigs to cancer patients (who knew?) and sara walked away with a $500 wig fo' free.  free wig, totally worth cancer!  (no.)  also who knew: all wig mannequins look like she-devils.  every last one!  (see below for photographic evidence.) (see above for textual evidence of the first time i have ever used the phrase "she-devils.")        

so, i feel like it's been ages since i've posted and it's lame!  i've missed this place.  i have been in mad wedding prep mode, helping my friend emily with a neverending list of creative endeavors for her wedding this weekend.  (pictures to follow!)  but i'm going to try to get a post up every single day for awhile, to get back into the swing of this strange blogging business.  thank you as always for reading and listening and stopping by to marvel at the collective bitchiness of wig mannequins everywhere.

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