Monday, October 22, 2012

emily gets married

my friend emily's wedding was yesterday, and everything about it was so beautiful.  jewish weddings are officially my favorite (especially when accompanied by a klesmer band), and emily was utterly radiant.  she and her new husband jon are so perfect for each other, i cannot wait to see what the those two crazy mofos do during their life together.  the sky was that glorious late-fall shade of crisp bright blue (the above picture doesn't come close).  my friend kelsey was in town from brooklyn, emily and jon were (obviously) in town from new orleans, i was finally done with all my creative wedding endeavors, oh happy day.  

sho danced right out of her shoes, and then danced some more.  that kid!


i celebrated by going home and reading the casual vacancy for several hours straight while sho took the latest nap of her life (and was then up until eleven o'clock, upon waking).  it was utterly delicious.  i'm not doing anything creative for at least a week, so don't even ask, y'all! don't even ask.  

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